lets hope some sence comes back to netgame .com!!!! 1. If you want players to be able to sell credit card items, other players have to be able to get items to sell at npc's and to do this they need to be able to craft items. 2.Gm's ban players for buying game cash from online sites but do nothing about these people from selling it in game. 3.Trying to hide the lowering the success rate on upgrading and crafting items with an event won't work, adding more expensive charms to the credit it card shop that help with this is kind of a giveaway. 4. Whatever happened to matanence you could set a clock by? 5. Many, many items that players receive have not and will not be incorparated into the game this is just a few points of many you should think about before starting an account. It might say it's free to play, but if you want get past the half way point of player lvls you will need to spent money and lots of it.

So in short this game is barely worth playing.
And is game is becoming little more than a credit card scamm