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Thread: Hello Rappelz people?

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    Default Hello Rappelz people?

    yea does anyone actually use this forum?
    its the most inactive forum ive seen in my life

    So yea... Epic 5 Part II comes out tommorow (October 15th)

    So download it?

    Just a lil shoutout to everyone o_O
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    Well, I was having some hope to try playing it again after stopping for sometime... but after reading the forum for 2 days or so (too busy with school, and dp takes too long to prepare), nah... i am good. Nothing had changed, they only added new elements, but the game is still full of problematic problems, and most players are still the same: sad Rappelz addicted whiners that think/hope they can make a difference but in reality only so often when the GM and DEV actually listens to what the players have to say. This game is hopeless imho; it has nothing but decent graphics and catchy pets + classes.

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    Oops man sorry I'm using the sea server, they are still at Chapter 1 of the book lolx~. Though It is a perfect time to start training before the game gets to your chapter

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