After playing this game a couple of days after ijji's launch, I have decided to come to the conclusion that it is now filled with immaturity among the highest caliber. People are unhelpful during stages, they constantly ask for money / items, they have no manners whatsoever. PvP has just gone completely on a runescape-esque community level, which means people only play to win and they suck the entire fun out of the game while making jokes about your mother and using spaces to bypass the wordfilter.

Ijji brought this game up really swell, and it has so much potential, however, It's safe to say that the community is quickly killing this game, and I fear that in a couple weeks time, it will fall into the pit of MMORPGs that are lost due to the fact that they have a horrible reputation of a community.

I don't see any way Ijji can undo this, at all. They are probably even egging this on. They are trying to make their target demographic 13 year olds with their mother's credit card. Plenty of money for them and no fun for everyone else.

To all Lunia players who have at least a shred of morality, I wish you good luck if you if you continue to play this game. It is truly a great game, however, many people, myself included, will most likely not be returning to this game until the community hits puberty.