Engine Name: XtremeWorlds

Engine Description: XtremeWorlds is a FREE 2d MMORPG maker. Unlike most engines, XtremeWorlds offers complete MMO features. The engine is simple to use, and makes use of its simple point and click interface. Xtremeworlds requires no coding atall however, Xtremeworlds can be scripted to get the full potential out of this engine. Everything is totally editable from the skills, weapons, spells. Xtremeworlds also comes with built in features such as an account manager, in-game commands, admin controls and user pannels to simply point and click to make a wonderful MMORPG. Get your full MMORPG up and running in a matter of weeks!


Publisher: Xtremeworlds

Platforms: PC

Genre: 2D MMORPG

Status: Released and stable.

Website/Forum link: www.xtremeworlds.com