hi i started this game at 2006 and now i wanted to play this game and what really irritates me is that whenever i log in and start it is says " Gunbound has stopped working". My brothers one is working and he is using Vista. I'm also using vista but kinda tryed everything like restarting computer, reinstalling setup, turning off firewall which also includes my mcafee secrity centre. I have this wierd message everytime i run the game after the setup, like i error or something. But only happens in first time then works just can't log in and start the game
O yeh i think there is a program missing in my computer not graphics or direct x cause i already got good ones. Another method i did was takeing the data from my brothers computer and puting in to mine but its not the patch problem it just something i don't like.

VERSION ; Gunbound world Champion
WeBsite : http://gunbound.softnyx.net/main.asp

Can anyone please help me/reply or if they had the problem but resolved it can tell me . I have been going around places in forums and finding ways to get it to work.>