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    Default Imperion Online

    Game name: Imperion Online
    Game description: A fun 2D MMORPG. Features include: PVP, different weather and time, quests, many unique mobs, and it is constantly being improved. New maps being added daily.
    Publisher: The Imperion Team
    Platforms: PC (Windows XP(sometimes glitches on Vista)), working on a Mac version. (current game file is an executable)
    Genre: 2.5D MMORPG (2d graphics with an angle, like with Legend of Zelda)
    Status: Public beta (v. 1.1)
    Forums (can download from link in announcements):


    As I said above, we are working on it constantly, and as you are reading this, we are probably making some new maps or quests.

    This game was made with the Xtremeworlds Game engine.

    New issue: the game server is down due to an unreliable host. If you think you can host it, please email me at

    The game will be down until further notice.

    EDIT: The vista glitch is fixable now. Instructions coming soon!
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