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Thread: Im thinking of playing!

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    Default Im thinking of playing!

    im torn between Dream of Mirror or Seal... OR THIS... so idk yet...

    can i get feedback on this game?

    how is pvp? what are the diff. sorts of pvp?
    How bad is grinding?
    Class system?
    Weapon/armor system? (prices, customization, etc.)

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    PvP - You join this room where there a bunch of people that just fight. Its free game so a level 40 can take on a level 10. There is also game rooms where you can organize pvp battles

    Grind - I went on my archer the other day, hes level 45 and I basically one hit skill the monster and they give me .08 experience. So like 1 minute per 1%. At level 45. It seems slow but the max level is 99. Current highest level is 85.

    Class - This is very unique. 3 classes but each class can transform into 4 different elements, fire, water, light, dark. This starts at level 36. You get cards that allow you to change and each card has 8 skills.
    Archers get...Ranger (water) Assassin (dark) Destroyer (fire) Wilderkeeper (light)
    Swords get...Warrior (fire) Blade (water) Crusader (light) forgot last name, carries a giant axe (dark)
    Mages get...Fire mage (duh) Holy Mage (duh) Water Mage (duh) Dark Gunner (dark)
    And once again, you can be all 4 elements with the character, just not at one time.

    Weapons/Armor - Not much customization, CS items can be tradeable and are not that expensive. They give minor boosts like +100 mp and little stuff like that.

    Community - Nicest community

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    You should really just try all those games but... I mean PvP is great in this game, it sort of requires tactics. And classes are very diversitable check the website for some guides or something and the grind isn't all that bad. =P definetly try it out.

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