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Thread: How is DOMO?

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    Default How is DOMO?

    im torn between Dream of Mirror or Seal or Nostale... so idk yet...

    can i get feedback on this game?

    how is pvp? what are the diff. sorts of pvp?
    How bad is grinding?
    Class system?
    Weapon/armor system? (prices, customization, etc.)

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    ...There is PvP though I have no idea, doesn't seem to be large scale (i.e faction) though, there is some arena thing.

    ..Can vary, early days for me and I'm training 2 jobs side by side and so far it's been fun.

    ..Awesome I absoloutely love the class system, which allows you to drag and drop skills from different jobs, change jobs etc 5/5

    ... Prices idea, monsters don't drop weaps or armour so players make or buy from the shop and as far as I can tell there's just 1 set at each level, which you can upgrade etc, higher level players use the cash shop to look unique.

    ...Pretty good

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