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Thread: best class for pvp

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    Default best class for pvp

    good class for pvp wich one?

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    It would depend on how you play and how prepared you and your opponent is. Any class is capable of doing well in pvp situations,
    fighters are strong, can stun etc,
    clerics can heal, buff themselves, cure themselves from poison etc
    Archers can deal damage over time (DoT) and have a good amount of evasion
    Mages can deal a lot of damage via magic and can cure debuffs.

    However they do have weaknesses

    Fighters have poor magic defense.
    Clerics have limited offensive capabilities
    Archers don't have as high a defense as clerics or fighters with absense of a shield
    Mages have a poor physical defense and low hp

    These are my views on pvp situations, I haven't been playing very long and may be wrong in areas. If anyone can add more, it would be appreciated.
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