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Thread: I want to be a glove/claw assassin. What's the best build?

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    Default I want to be a glove/claw assassin. What's the best build?

    I want to make an assassin. I want to make one and switch between claw and glove and use both of them well, but it seems like each one use dif stats build that work best.

    Now, I've been searching and googling topics on this, and all I've seen is people saying go glove and use pure DEX, and that's it. I also heard that pure DEX fails sometimes at PvP, and that you need some STR to fight harder. on one forum a guy said to add to STR and DEX equally, and one said 3 DEX and 1 STR.

    But this seems to go on for a long time, so let me get to the point. For an assassin with no sin anything or sealed, fused, enchanted anything and wants to use both glove and claw, which stat build is best for me?

    I need someone to surely tell me. An official answer.

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    pure dex..and if u dont think u got enuff hp add phy to suit u better

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    But what's the best skill set up for my assassin using claw and glove?

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    Here's a guide I wrote quite a long time ago. This applies only to claw assassins. You'll have to use some logic to apply this to a glove assassin.

    Note: I'm still using the Malaysian names for skills, so try to use your brain to figure out which skill is which in this version.

    Level 10: Learn Claw Master (1)
    Level 11: Raise Claw Master (3)
    Level 12: Raise Claw Master (5)
    Level 13: Raise Claw Master (7)
    Level 14: Raise Claw Master (9)
    Level 15: Raise Claw Master (11)
    Level 16: Raise Claw Master (13)
    Level 17: Raise Claw Master (15)
    Level 18: Raise Claw Master (17)
    Level 19: Raise Claw Master (19)
    Level 20: Raise Claw Master (20), Raise Thundersprint (2)
    Level 21: Raise Thundersprint (4)
    Level 22: Raise Thundersprint (5), Raise Dragon Rise (2)
    Level 23: Raise Dragon Rise (4), Learn Poison (1)
    Level 24: Raise Dragon Rise (5), Save point (1)
    Level 25: Save both points (3)
    Level 26: Raise Thundersprint (10)
    Level 27: Save both points (2)
    Level 28: Save both points (4), Learn Neutralize (1)
    Level 29: Raise Thundersprint (15), Save point (1)
    Level 30: Save both points (3)
    Level 31: Raise Thundersprint (20)
    Level 32: Save both points (2)
    Level 33: Save both points (4), Learn Shadow Hide (1)
    Level 34: Save both points (6)
    Level 35: Save both points (8.)
    Level 36: Save both points (10)
    Level 37: Save both points (12)
    Level 38: Learn and Raise Shadow Evasion (15)
    Level 39: Raise Shadow Evasion (17)
    Level 40: Raise Shadow Evasion (19)
    Level 41: Raise Shadow Evasion (20), Save remaining point (1)
    Level 42: Save both points (3)
    Level 43: Save both points (5)
    Level 44: Save both points (7)
    Level 45: Save both points (9)
    Level 46: Save both points (11)
    Level 47: Save both points (13)
    Level 48: Save both points (15)
    Level 49: Save both points (17)
    Level 50: Learn and Raise Dragon Strike (20)
    Level 51: Save both points (2)
    Level 52: Save both points (4)
    Level 53: Raise Dragon Rise (10), Save remaining point (1)
    Level 54: Save both points (3)
    Level 55: Raise Dragon Rise (15)
    Level 56: Save both points (2)
    Level 57: Save both points (4)
    Level 58: Raise Dragon Rise (20), Save point (1)
    Level 59: Save points (3)
    Level 60: Save points (5)

    And by level 60 you will have...

    20 in Claw Master
    20 in Dragon Rise
    20 in Thundersprint
    1 in Poison
    1 in Neutralize
    1 in Shadow Hide
    20 in Shadow Evasion
    0 in Spirit Force
    20 in Dragon Strike


    1. Max Dragon Rise? Are you INSANE?
    A. Yes..and No. Due to the fairly long cool down time of thundersprint, you are going to need an intermediate skill to keep the damage going instead of simply standing around doing nothing, waiting for thundersprint to cool down. And since you're going to be using from about level 13 - 83, you really need to max it so that you don't take years to kill monsters. On average you'll use dragon rise about 2 - 4 times on a monster / a mob.

    2. Spirit force = 0...why?
    A. Spirit force is your upgraded rage at level 40. Though it does pump you up even more than your standard rage, it PERMANENTLY replaces that old rage, and this new rage DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO USE SKILLS. That is a huge price to pay for having your damage increased just a little bit more from your old rage. Not to mention, hardly anyone uses rage to train - it's a waste of your time to get.

    3. Why not put some of those spare points into Poison?
    A. It's pointless. Based on Malaysian rates, the difference between level 1 poison and level 5 poison is 40% chance (lv 1), and 48% chance (lv 5). I'm not wasting 4 points for 8% more chance. I would much rather save those points to make my level 69 skill level 5 or 10 the instant I get it.

    4. And why not Shadow hide either?
    A. Level 1 shadow hide lasts 23 seconds (Malaysian rates). That already is plenty. Your only use for shadow hide is so that you can hide from monsters, replace yourself, and then strike. That sequence usually takes no more than 3 seconds.

    5. Shadow Evasion is worth it?
    A. Yes. That's all I have to say.

    Training Tactics

    ~Chase Mobbing - This is perhaps one of the most basic combos that every claw assassin must master as earlly as possible. This combination is used for mobs of every and all sizes, but preferably smaller ones. The combination is as follows:

    Thundersprint -> Step back -> Dragon Rise -> Step back -> Normal Attack -> Step back -> Rinse and repeat.

    How is it useful?
    I gave it the name chase mobbing because the monsters are always chasing you while you are doing this combo. The thundersprint gives you a nice AoE punch while the dragon rise and basic attack help to add damage while pushing back the leading monster, so the damage throughout the entire mob is about balanced.

    ~Approaching - This is a very basic tactic for 1 on 1 situations. It works like this:

    Thundersprint -> normal attack -> dragon rise -> normal attack -> dragon rise -> normal attack -> Rinse and repeat without the dash strike.

    How is it useful?
    The Thundersprint gives you a very quick approach to the monster, and it also sets you up at a perfect distance for you to strike again without having to take a step. The combination of normal attacks and dragon risings quickly cuts down a single monster while keeping it flinching so that it will not launch its special attack at you (if it has one).

    ~Planting - This isn't really a training technique as it is a mobility technique. The point of planting is for you to strive that extra distance when you can't quite reach a ledge or you want to go through a platform without having to use high jump. Because of the nature of thundersprint, which teleports you a short distance to the nearest ground or monster, this is very easy to perform. Also, it is a good way for you to get places while attacking monsters at the same time, preventing you from harm (for the most part). When you get thundersprint to level 20, try to avoid planting unless there are monsters in the destination you intend to plant.

    ~Diving - This is a variation of planting that is more driven for offensive purposes. The combination works like this:

    Run -> Jump (keep running) -> Wait until you are about half a body's length from the ground -> Thundersprint

    How is this useful?
    Diving is a thundersprint that starts in the air but immediately plants you to the ground. The point of diving is for you to get extra range on your thundersprint (similar to my Figure 8 technique, see warrior promotion section). Usually when you dive, you will aim more so for the second monster in line rather than the first monster. Either that, or your thundersprint literally falls ontop of monsters. Regardless, diving pretty much guarantees that you will hit all 3 monsters even if they have gaps between them.

    And that's all I have to say. I hope this was helpful.

    And a bonus for you, a Chaos claw assassin skill build that I wrote around the same time as my previous one. Enjoy

    Level 60: Save points (5)
    Level 61: Save points (7)
    Level 62: Learn and Raise HP Up (10); Learn SP Up (1)
    Level 63: Raise HP Up (12)
    Level 64: Raise HP Up (14)
    Level 65: Raise HP Up (16)
    Level 66: Raise HP Up (18.)
    Level 67: Raise HP Up (20)
    Level 68: Save Points (2)
    Level 69: Learn and Raise Sonic Claw (5)
    Level 70: Save Points (2)
    Level 71: Save Points (4)
    Level 72: Raise Sonic Claw (10); Save Points (1)
    Level 73: Save Points (3)
    Level 74: Raise Sonic Claw (15)
    Level 75: Save Points (2)
    Level 76: Learn Bloodlust (1); Save Points (4)
    Level 77: Raise Sonic Claw (20); Save Points (1)
    Level 78: Save Points (3)
    Level 79: Raise Bloodlust (5); Save Points (1)
    Level 80: Save Points (3)
    Level 81: Raise Bloodlust (10)
    Level 82: Save Points (2)
    Level 83: Learn Raging Claw (1); Save Points (4)
    Level 84: Raise Bloodlust (15); Save Points (1)
    Level 85: Save Points (3)
    Level 86: Raise Bloodlust (20)
    Level 87: Raise Raging Claw (3)
    Level 88: Raise Raging Claw (5)
    Level 89: Save Points (2)
    Level 90: Learn Dark Reflect (1); Save Points (4)
    Level 91: Raise Raging Claw (10); Save Points (1)
    Level 92: Save points (3)
    Level 93: Raise Raging Claw (15)
    Level 94: Save Points (2)
    Level 95: Save Points (4)
    Level 96: Raise Raging Claw (20); Save Points (1)
    Level 97: Learn and Raise Annihilation (4)
    Level 98: Raise Annihilation (5); Save Points (1)
    Level 99: Save Points (3)
    Level 100: Raise Annihilation (10)
    Level 101: Save Points (2)
    Level 102: Save Points (4)
    Level 103: Raise Annihilation (15); Save Points (1)
    Level 104: Learn Evil Shadow (1); Save Points (3)
    Level 105: Raise Annihilation (20)
    Level 106: Save Points (2)
    Level 107: Raise Evil Shadow (5)
    Level 108: Save Points (2)
    Level 109: Save Points (4)
    Level 110: Raise Evil Shadow (10); Save Points (1) ~ Obtain Rebirth Class Change
    Level 111: Save Points (3)
    Level 112: Raise Evil Shadow (15)
    Level 113: Save Points (2)
    Level 114: Save Points (4)
    Level 115: Raise Evil Shadow (20); Save Points (1)

    *Note: It is possible that putting skill points back into 2nd level skills is impossible after Rebirth. If so, just live with level 10 Evil Shadow. Having a trump skill is much more useful. Also, due to your Sonic Claw and Shadow Hide skills, Dark Reflect is probably going to be useless to you. However, if you can still add points into 2nd level skills after Rebirth, then feel free to max it after maxing Evil Shadow.

    **For an Order build, simply replace each of the skills with your respective skill and you will obtain your build. The only difference for an Order build is you would NOT raise your level 76 skill, and you would pump your level 90 skill to 20.

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    Whoa. Thanks.

    But the guy above you........did he just spam? 'Cause, it has nothing to do with the topic.

    UPDATE: It turns out it isn't the first. Viewed his post history, and reported.
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