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Thread: Best class for me?

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    Default Best class for me?

    Which class deals a lot of damage and makes grinding easier? Also I would like a class that owns in pvp. Which is better in dealing damage; knight or a Mage?both have aoe spells so I also wnna know which is better in this field as well as overall

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    Mages relay on 1v1 grinding rather than AoE. Mages are known for 1-hit and 2-hit kills.
    Knights are more for AoE.
    Both lvl fast (Altho I think mages lvl way faster).
    Warriors are also great dmg dealers (later they become the best dmg dealers and can tank pretty well).
    If you ask me, Mages lvl fastest from 1-100 (only Class that can be faster or as fast are pure int or dex/int Jesters but require a lot of money to start)
    Knights lvl pretty fast and are easily one of the richest class in the game.
    Warriors are most fun IMO, they can lvl super fast from 1-70 or 1-80 (Took me 2 weeks or so) with their 1-hit skill, after that change to combo Warrior and enjoy your dmg.

    Generally every class can lvl to 90 in one month fair easily if you know what to do.

    Question is which classes "worth" play after lvl 100. I know it sounds harsh but for me:
    Warriors own after lvl 100
    Knights are okay after lvl 100
    Priests are always useful, even if you are battle
    Jesters own through the game at any lvl as long as you got money.
    Mages own from 1-100 and get decent from 100-125 but after that they are so so...
    I dont really like craftsmen so Im not going to give any comments on them.
    Every class is playable in my opinion, just choose the class that looks most comfortable for you.

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