So here's the basics of how you are going to level

Now a days it only takes 10-15 minutes to hit level 10 while as when I started playing 3 years ago it took forever.


Do all your quests on maple island and you will be level 10

Now here is where you adventure begins

At lith harbor talk to Olaf or w/e his name is and pick the path or road to whatever your job your going to be is.

Go attain that job and congratulations you are first job!

Now either find or make some money to go to henesys and go HPQ

HPQ will be a main and easy source of leveling until level 21?

At level 21 go to kerning and find some people to level with at KPQ

KPQ will last you till level 30.

Now this is where I first stop to bring in some making some mesoes

Typically at level 15 you can fame people at a good price depending on which world you are residing in. So fame a person per day and you will rake in some mesoes.
And at level 21 when you KPQ overall dex scrolls drop and they sell for very good prices.

Back then they use to be worth like 1.5mil per scroll now IDK but there still good money.

So now that you are level 30

KPQ until you are level 31 or quest idc

Once level 31, find a level 40-50 buddy and Monster carnival pq with him or her like crazy until level 51 ;p or just until 40 and do some LPQ.

At level 51 you should be able to Orbis or LMPQ, LMPQ will rake in some cash and Orbis been a while. Each PQ will rake you in good exp either way.

I will update this guide with more info soon.