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Thread: Conqer Online Guide&Info

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    Default Conquer Online Guide & Info

    EDIT: Title won't change from main forum - so its stuck on Conqer 0_o

    Hello everyone, hope you like the guide
    I'm sure there are alot of guides on the official Conquer forum,
    but if you don't want to spend all day reading all of them, this is my guide.
    shorter, bascically covers most of the game.
    Conquer 1.0 and 2.0 will be free forever.
    1. Conquer Classes
    2. *Getting Reborn*

    3. Monster Name Colors
    4. Finding elites as a newbie

    5. Selling and Item Qualities
    6. Special Drop Items

    7. Equipment Sockets and Composing Items
    8. Gems

    9. My Money-Making Tips
    10. My Archer Leveling Guide (Fast Leveling)

    11. Fixed Items
    12. Training Grounds

    13.FAQ - From Conquer Online Forum
    14. PK (Player Kill)
    15. My Update History


    1. Conquer Classes

    Conquer tries to balance all of the characters,
    each one with his/her special cons and pros.

    Due to the high attack of taoists at high level,
    they can inflcit alot of damage upon other players.
    Taoists have a lot of HP and with *heal*,
    they are quite invincible and they would be, if not for the
    poor defence. So they attack from the side,
    not getting "too" close to the action
    Taoists use alot of mana pots so its going to
    cost you being
    a taoist. Taos are not the easiest to train
    and become extremly hard once you reach level 60
    or so... then it starts going harder and harder.
    There are two kinds of Taoists, Water and Fire.

    Water Taoist - Less of an attack type than
    Fire, and harder to level up.
    The Good things about them,
    is that they can get *Reborn(read down)*
    at level 110 instead of 120 (which is a big time difference
    in those levels, those 10 levels can take ages).
    Water taoists have the ability to power up not only themselves
    but other players as well! They are very team-compatible.
    If you are looking to be one of the support characters in a team like environment. Than water taoists are right for you

    Fire Taoists- Higher on attack, and more spells than
    the water taoist,
    which also means easier leveling.
    They also require a large amount of potions
    so either way, if you pick toaists you'll need money.
    One of their disadvantages is that they get reborn
    at level 120 like everyone else.
    If you are looking for a "tough" magician.
    This would be it.

    Some people call them the strongest of the bunch,
    but also the hardest to level - in the beginning.
    Despite the leveling, trojans seem to be the class
    that most people choose to be. As a trojan you dont
    need much of anything but your equips,
    so get good equips, and hang on to them, the
    market takes advantage of this fact, so trojan equips
    are highly priced. Ive seen lots of people
    whine about any equips they might have lost. Because they PKed alot of
    people, and another high level found them, and they got

    Easier to level than trojans but weaker.
    A cool thing about a warrior is that he has SuperMan,
    which is a Warrior Skill, it does not work in battles, only on
    monsters. It basically makes your attack a lot stronger,
    In my opinion, superman is the only thing good
    about warriors, if you are looking for a
    warrior-type character, you might consider the trojans.

    One of the most picked class, maybe
    because the easiest to level any time.
    but they do become powerfull at high
    They cant fight warriors, because the
    shield takes the arrows 90 percent of the time,
    and taoists can kill them. but trojans they can
    take, because of Fly, archers dont have much
    HP so no use fighting on the ground. fly is for
    "Fly and kill".

    2. *Getting Reborn*- Once a character reaches either level 110
    (for Water Taos) or 120 for any other class.
    They can be reborn, meaning that they keep
    their equips but return to be level 15, by doing
    that, they can be extremly powerfull.
    Some of the advantages might be having a
    personal gaurd which strengh's progresses
    through your own leveling, he can kill monsters
    for you as well. That way the gaurd does
    most of the killing for easy EXP. So level 20
    reborn might be training where a regular level 80
    might be.

    3. Monster Name Colors: icon_exclaim.gif
    The color of a monster you fight matters:
    Green is easy for you> Almost no EXP
    White is exactly for your level> Good EXP
    Red is the next monster you should be fighting>
    Red named gives more EXP than white monsters but
    Red named monsters hit harder on you.
    Black means its not really gonna do ya any good.

    4.Finding elites as a newbie:
    You really as a n00b cant really find elites, except
    Turtledoves, fight them alot and if your lucky, an elite
    will pop, now if you have no use of the elite, you can
    always sell it to people, (never sell
    unique, elite, super> to the shops, only to people).

    5. Selling and Item Qualities
    Be carefull when selling:
    Never ask the person you are selling to the
    price of the item your selling.
    Only ask the price of an item off someone
    either that has a high knowledge of the
    game, or a person you trust, like a friend.

    An Item's Quality:
    Each item has a quality, Quality increses
    all the weapons/armor's stats, making it more powerfull:

    They qualities are:
    Regular: which is basically, regular icon_wink.gif (Anything you buy off the NPCs and find on the ground with no background effect, they aren't worth anything)
    Refine: better than regular, but not the best
    Unique: One of the most used item quality
    Elite: A very good quality indeed!
    Super: the best quality there is! very hard
    to get super! but go for it. (Super also makes weapons glow)

    6. Special Drop Items
    Meteors: AKA Mets
    They are a bit rare items dropped commonly by
    any monster, they are used to upgrade the
    level of your items. It is useful if you have refined
    and uniques. For example, you have a level 20 sword,
    you are level 25, you go to TwinCity's ArtisanWind,
    give him a meteor and your item, and he will try to
    upgrade it. With items less than level 60, the
    upgrade rate is 99/100. It is recommend putting
    supers in the market, even if it costs more DragonBalls or
    Meteors, always. As weapon guality goes up so do the met cost for each
    upgrade. This also concerns DragonBalls(Read Down).
    Meteors are also used to change the color of your item, if you
    dislike the color you can pay 1 meteor and change the colors of your

    Dragonballs: AKA DBs
    They are very rare items dropped by monsters,
    or bought from the site. What do they do?
    DragonBalls do a couple things, one is socket the item (go down for
    socket explenation), another thing they can do is to upgrade the
    Quality, as said before, refined, unique, elite and
    super. It goes in that same order. If you have, for
    example, a refined sword (level 10, again), and
    you want to make it a unique, you get a dragonball(s)
    and you head either to TwinCity's ArtisanWind or the
    same Market's Artisan which upgrades level too.
    You give the artisan you are going to use the
    required dbs, if it is successfull, you will get a Unique sword.

    DragonBalls can also be used to realott stat points after level 70.

    7. Equipment Sockets and Composing Items
    Equipment Sockets:
    Sockets are used in your weapons or
    armors (or helmets, necklace, etc.) which allows
    you to insert a gem to power up (all depends on
    the gem). Socketed weapons are common, and
    also can be gained by paying dragonballs, 1
    DB for the first socket, might fail, and 5 for second
    socket but the second socket never fails.

    Composing (+1's, +2's etc...)
    In the market, ArtisanWind, will get you going,
    This is just an example:
    Lets say we have an Elite Sword
    and we have 2 +1 swords and we want to make
    our elite sword +1
    so we take the Elite, put it in the BIG box,
    and the regular +1 SWORDS in the smaller boxes,
    (nothing works with a level 120 +1, except items level 120 or above, so they are worthless for anything lower then level 120)
    and click the confirm. there! thats it! and it
    doesen't cost money!

    My point with the swords was that if you want to
    make a bow +1, you have to get 2, +1 BOWS, not
    swords, hammers, daggers or any other kind of
    I believe you can upgrade any 1 handed item with
    a 1 handed +1.

    8. Gems:
    Gems are stones that can only be found found by
    mining or if you buy
    them off the market ;P, you can insert them in a
    socket in your weapon or other equipment.
    Each gem does different things, and gems are
    divided in 3 qualities, normal, refined and
    super. (of course normal is less rare than
    super... and cheaper). Some examples of
    gems are, PheonixGem [gives more
    magic attack], DragonGem [gives more
    physical attack], KylinGem [gives more
    durability], MoonGem [boosts magic
    experience], RainbowGem [boosts leveling experience].

    9. My Money-Making Tips:
    There are quite a few ways of making money, here is 1 or 2 of them.
    (My money making techniques)

    In Desert City near BladeGhosts
    (upper right part of the map) there is always
    1 special BladeGhost the name escapes me,
    but you will see it because its PURPLE, these
    purple fighting machines

    ALWAYS drop 4 weapons (If your lucky more)
    but mainly only 4, but these arnt just 4
    weapons, they have full Dura which
    makes each one worth about 9.6K almost 40K
    each one, If you can find and
    lure one to any gaurd, you got yourself
    40K (Sell the weapons at the shop).
    Not only archers can do this, but anyone,
    all you do is stand next to them, and they
    start following you, but it is easier for
    archers because they have arrows,
    one thing though for beginner archers that find one>
    DO NOT ATTEMPT TO KILL IT! it will just
    waste yourself a Jumbo-Pack of arrows.

    Another way, maybe easier, but more popular, is to go to Mystic
    Castle and Lure the bats to the gaurds, Usually
    there is people there 24/7 but its not hard
    picking up whatever falls off them, they drop

    10. My Archer Leveling Guide (Fast Leveling) -
    Its my own so please dont argue with it, its my opinion,
    it got my archer levled quickly so this really isnt up for discussion.

    [b]This is my guide to get your archer quickly leveled icon_twisted.gif

    Well there isn't much you can do about
    level 1 through 15, but on average,
    it should only take an hour for archers,
    once you get your first bow atllevel 8 (UPDATE: Level 1 bow was inserted)
    You should be pumping EXP. Once you get to
    level 15, you can either level on whichever
    monster is White to you, or "follow me" to
    DC (Desert City). But first, when getting to
    level 15, you have to get promoted! Keep in
    mind, when getting promoted, keep at least 1 free
    space in your inventory for the free level 15 archer coat.
    If you don't want to waste any
    money reaching DC (100 silvers) than just walk up to the
    guy that is dressed like the Werhouseman,
    (He can be found to the left of the mine cave
    in the Twin City map.)

    After talking to him, he will teleport you to the
    DesertCity map, there are very strong
    monsters here, so follow the river to your
    left until you reach the city, rarely there
    will be monsters around the
    river area, but if there is, dont panic,
    just walk to the side of it .

    Once in the town, stock up on some
    arrows and head outside using the left
    exit, look around for a SandMonsterKing,
    they wont be hard to find considering
    the are like the most giant monsters in the

    game, once you have found one, try
    luring it away from the other sandmonsters
    so you and it can have some "alone-time".
    Then all you have to do is Hit,Jump,Hit,Jump
    (jump so he wont hit you,
    but you can usually take a hit from
    him at level 20) Why a king? or why this
    specific king? Because a king gives an
    ARCHER the maximum points he can get per hit +
    This specific king has so much
    HP that it could last a lvl 15 a couple of levels.
    This king is black-namer(see "Other Things"
    to know about the difference between colors of monster names)
    but any king, no matter the color of its name, it will give you
    the best EXP per hit. Although there is an
    exception for the Green color, because
    green always means your way stronger than it i

    So kill a king or two, should get you
    to level 20 with a high bow level,
    speaking of bows > remember to
    switch bows every 5 levels! (Ex: lvl 15,20,25,30,35 )

    If this way works out for you as
    it did to me, than keep fighting kings!!
    If not, well... thats too bad. I
    hope it works for most of you new players out there!

    Random thing: At level 60-80
    (ARCHER only) you can fight Alien
    Serpants using Guild Conductress
    #2 i believe (On Kylin server, im not sure
    where to find them elsewhere).
    scatter them and you get
    9K+ of exp per shot.

    Feel free to add/post any comments/questions about Conquer, im sure I can answer, and if I cant, mdcdeve can icon_wink.gif. Also, if you haven't anything good to say, then don't say it at all icon_mad.gif

    11. Fixed Items
    Someone wanted to know about fixed items,
    They are extremly powerfull (You can
    see they are fixed if it says
    "Fixed" under all the weapon stats icon_razz.gif )
    But the catch is that you cant upgrade them,
    lets say we have a level 30 fixed shoes,
    they are stronger than level 40 and 50 regular
    shoes, but when you get to level
    60 (60 is the max level for fixed items) than you gotta let them go!
    sell em, i think they sell for 45-60K.

    UPDATE: The cost of a fixed item isnt the same.
    (Prices might have changed since i last played)
    fixed bag is about 500K
    fixed shoes are about 100K
    fixed armors are about 30K
    fixed weapons are about 50K
    from what I know, good luck
    12. Training Grounds (TG)
    You can access the Training grounds through a guy named "Boxer" when you reach level 20.
    You can leave your character at the training grounds to get exp, the higher level you are, the the more EXP you get but the higher level you are, the more EXP you need to level up in the first place. Anyway, the training grounds is just when you want to leave your character AFK and still want it to get EXP, like at night when you go to sleep for example.
    The cost is 1000, its not that much but there is alot of lag in there, because there are alot of people, although ivfe heard they redisigned the training Grounds

    If you can't find boxer;
    This is the Twin City map:

    13. FAQ - From OnRPG Conquer Online Forum

    1. How do I use scatter?

    Press on the Skill button on the bottom right of the screen.
    Select the Scatter icon and right click to shoot. Pay close attention
    because if you are on PK mode then you can harm other players.
    I saw someone still having trouble with that, so your solution is
    to hotkey it by dragging it down to the hotkey panel from the skill
    2. Can I trade real items or money for an account?

    That is an illegal act and if you do it, you are on your own.
    3. I get "Error: Connection with server is interrupted Please re-login"
    when I try to connect/Whilst in the game. How can I fix it?

    This error usually occurs when the server is offline or under maintenance but it can also occur when you have a problem with your own internet and not the server.
    4. What's the website? icon_wink.gif
    5. Is this game p2p?

    I have already mentioned this but no its completly free.
    6. AutoPatcher does not work, what can I do?

    The patches are available directly from the conquer online website.
    You can get them there.
    7. What's the best server?

    Obviously when asking this question everyone will answer the
    server they play in... So you won't get the answer from there.
    So stop making those threads.

    Try some servers.. see if you find good friends, then stick with the
    server you have friends in.
    14. PK (Player Kill)

    Player Kill, PK for short is when you attack another player,
    this makes your name become blue and that means that if
    other players kill you, they won't get PK points.
    10 PK points are given for each player kill, once you have
    30 your name becomes red/white and that means if someone kills
    you then you can, and in most cases WILL, drop some of your equipment.
    PK points go down in time, the safest place to be during that time is in the Market. So my advice, don't go on a killing spree

    15. Update History

    UPDATE: I updated the guide again, this time im starting to take notes on each update. Easy search navigating was put togather. More info and better english was updated icon_smile.gif

    BTW I know it says like 20-21 updates at the bottom ' but thats because i keep looking over it after I click submit, instead of the Preview button icon_smile.gif

    UPDATE January 5th 06:
    Happy new years, Hanuka and christmas
    I've updated the guide and fixed issues with the classes and composing items. Also began a FAQ.. not much for now but it will grow.
    Thanks for the support

    UPDATE July 15th. - Fixed some info, added map link, added some character info.
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    great guide man btw look at the post name lol edit it its called Conquer not Conqer :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpiritMage
    great guide man btw look at the post name lol edit it its called Conquer not Conqer :P
    Heh.. thats wierd... i could've sworn it was Conquer a while ago <.<

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    nice guide, it has helped me pick my class:fire taoist yeah I will rule all of u muwahhahahahha. aw man i just got killed grrr i will get revenge ...... get slaughtered again. shoot anyways great guide
    I'm better than u and u know it:cool:

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    Oo thanks!
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    Smile im havin trouble prmoting!!

    im lvl 75 ands i need the emrald to get promoted for tiger archer but i dont know where to get the emarald help me.
    e-mail me or post me back e-mail:

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