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Thread: The Viciiouous Circle

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    Default The Viciiouous Circle

    Looking For People Intrested And Able To Code A New Mafia Text Based Game.

    Team Name: Per sempre Fedele

    Forum Coming Soon Once Team Is Assembled.

    Now Answers To A Few Faqs

    Q. What Will I Be Payed..?

    A. 40 Cash Upfront And 33% Of All Profits.

    Q. I Can Make Pictures. Can I Join..?

    A. No. We Only Want Coders.

    Q. What Do You Do For The Team..?

    A. I Make Website Templates In Photoshop Professonally Before They Are Coded.

    Q. There Are Hundreds Of Mafia Games, Why Should I Join This Project..?

    A. Active Friendly Moderators Already Lined Up. The Other Different Feature Is The Fact You Start With A Large Amount Of Bullets And Money.

    Contact Me At Abel551@Hotmail.Com Or Add The Email To Your Msn.
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