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Thread: Thinking of starting Sword of the new world.

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    Default Thinking of starting Sword of the new world.

    I was thinking of starting with this game?

    I havent read much about it, but the reviews i've seen gives good rates.
    But too little info for me to actualy try it,

    So i wanted to hear from the players of this game.

    What is in the game? what is it about?
    is there any dungeons to go in?

    pluss i heard it gets p2p after lvl 20?

    I'll look back on the thread to check replies, but for now, laterz ;>


    still no replies, i take it that the game is not worth to play since people dont have opinions or know'a'lot about it.


    yeah, i tryed to download it, 6 hours download ?
    , i also tryed flashget, but it didnt help at all, only downloaded a 36kb file which was useless.
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    i've played for over a year and i can honestly say it's oe of the most original MMO's out there you play as 3 characters at a time, no lvl cap, can recruit NPC's, tons of dungeons/raids, pvp (pk on 2 of the servers), lol it's a game you have to totally experience yourself man it's worth it ^^
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