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Thread: New Dynasty - Ninja Approaching

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    Default New Dynasty - Ninja Approaching

    The ninja is an expert of stealth, specialized in guerilla warfare. Relying on agility and reflexes, ninjas frown upon the use of heavy armors. Now the master of the katana and Ninjutsu is rising up in the epic world of Conquer Online. With mysterious skills and exotic equipment, the new class of Conquer Online's expansion, New Dynasty, will bring players a brand-new exciting gameplay experience.

    With origins stemming from ancient China, the art of assassination was developed to its zenith in feudal Japan. Shrouded in secrecy and cloistered in their shadowed guilds, Ninjas have long been a mystery. Ninja is a master of stealth, subterfuge, deception, and of course, ninjutsu. With the ability of dual-wield and powerful Shuriken, Ninjas strike swiftly from darkest corners and then disappear under the cover of the night, leaving only horror and death to foes.

    Ninjas are hired by different warlords to perform selective strikes, espionage and assassination. However, as mercenaries, Ninjas are loyal only unto themselves. Attracted by the legendary tales about the origins of martial arts, ninjas have crossed the ocean to the Middle Kingdom to pursue perfection in their art of ninjutsu. With their fabled weapons, Ninjas are ready to whip up a storm in the world of Conquer!

    After several months of waiting, new class Ninja is eventually ready for its debut. The highly anticipated new class is scheduled to be unveiled around this Christmas.

    Ninja Gear Preview

    Ninja Skills Preview

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    lol awesome role. i like it

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    I have also a ninja-ninja but I think I need to plvl it to make it more stronger as well as improve its stuff too and toxic fog

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