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Thread: Info on game please

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    Default Info on game please

    Tanking class?
    Healing class?
    Best party set up?
    max people in party is 3 correct?
    Lots of endgame ?
    i know theirs partying, is it worth it tho?
    Max level?
    Grindy as hell?
    Cash shop dependent?
    Worth sticking with?
    Is there alot of jobs to pick from?
    Buffing class ?

    Thanks for the feedback if anyone responds ^.^
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    Tanking class - Those with high HP (Stat) and above, would be the tankers, like Claude.
    Healing class - Scouts are the main healers.
    Best party set up - Lots of variations, but my personal fave is Musk/Musk/Scout
    max people in party is 3 correct - Yes.
    Lots of endgame - Not too sure, I'm only Lv. 68.
    i know theirs partying, is it worth it tho - Most of the time, I solo. Depends.
    Max level - Not too sure.
    Grindy as hell - Grind is bearable until Veterans/Experts
    Fun - I find it fun, with the trance and techno music.
    Cash shop dependent - Yes, when you reached Veteran/Expert
    Worth sticking with - If you like trance, boobs and guns, this game is worth it. Do spend some money to buy premiums once a month.
    Is there alot of jobs to pick from - Lots. You have to experience this yourself.
    Buffing class - Yes, Scouts.

    *Most important of all, try the game out first. Other people's impression of it could destroy your interest. Experience it yourself, there are tutorials everywhere. Take time to get used to the MCC (Multi Character Control) and have fun!
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    new to GE?

    use a fighter(tanker)/wizard(nuker)/scout(support/healer) for your starter team

    this is the easiest starter lineup to learn the ropes from ^_^

    im currently using 2 martial artist and 1 scout
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