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    Default GuildWars IGN list

    so i decided to finally go back to guildwars due to all the crappy free mmo's out there not filling my taste.

    Just post the main one you use here.

    IGN= Dervish DragonSword

    Adding one name will allow you to see them online with any other character so don't worry you only need to add one of the below to play with the person.

    Onrpg IGN's


    sinfullfears - Victor Victoria
    LakeOfTears - Laik Syth
    lolwhad - Kylia Whiteblade
    firesnowball - Lord Hedwing
    Rev the Troublemaker - Troublemaker Rev
    AzureBlaze- Oblivion Knightess
    kuietsu916 - Cronus Xhynk
    Bekk - Velentine Hath
    Eczila - Eczila De Will
    Seiyuuki - Irvine Ravenwood
    poeticas - Poetic Dude
    Lily - Ariel Kaze
    Deeg1049 - ffx e
    AioshiKoun - Reigning Hail
    Kumlekar - Kumlekar The Slayer
    beldeti - Boi Choi
    Branh - Branh Feorn
    Ne0n - Godly Rawr
    NeverSeen - Never Seen
    purewitz - Dosier Vao
    airrazr7 - jello got swine flu
    montezuma15 - Prince Kukulkan
    Scott_Larr - Goya Of England
    Paladuck - Herro Duck
    weRK - Werk The Witch
    spiritorange - Spike Treasoner
    Popx - Ultimate Eclipse
    RenatoSan - Renato San
    C0w Pi3 - Rojo Ho
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