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Thread: Chaos Online - Mod and Activity GM recruiting

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    Default Chaos Online - Mod and Activity GM recruiting

    Chaos Online will start its No-wipe closed beta on Dec. 13th.

    We thank you for your help during alpha stage and we've changed the game a lot according to every single thread on suggestion forum and we've also added "weapon growth system/opened robot system to all" into the game and you will find it a whole new look in closed beta.

    Before it opens, we are recruiting forum mods and Activity GMs. As long as you are interested, please send the following information to us:

    Real Name:
    Chaos Online Forum Name(
    Have you played Chaos Online in Alpha? If not what is your expertise?
    Why do you think you are better than others? What games have you played? What's your opinions of Chaos Online?
    How many hours will you be online every week? Your Time zone please?
    Do you also want to be game activity GM? Have you evern been a player GM before?
    Please send the above information to

    And please also forward this message to those who wanna be Player GM members. I know most of players want to be a GM in "big" games. But we can offer you such oppertunities and we hope it can help you to get Player GM in your future "big" games.

    Thanks and meet you on Dec. 13th.

    Come and join Chaos Online with me! It's fun!

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    Has anyone applied yet?

    I have, under the username UnknownID.

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