Game name: Gilfor's Tales
Game description:Gilfor's Tales is the latest fantasy MMORPG made by Studio Sodigital, the creator of Arthic. It's completely available through web browser. The whole game is made in Flash technology and cotains masterful combination of 2D graphics (creating a near photo-realistic environment) with 3D characters rendered in real time.
The unique gaming experience is set in a world of fantasy. The player creates a team and explores the magical world, experiencing surprizing and amazing adventures. The Gilfor’s world is inhabited by beasts, monsters, and demons who lie in wait for the adventurers’ team at each twist and turn of the versatile plot. Various types of weapons, armor, and jewelry protect the team from danger.

Publisher: sodigital
Genre: RPG
Graphics: 3D/2D
Platforms: PC, MAC
Status: open beta
official site: