The graphics of Last Chaos are different from other games.
The graphics are made using real movement and filtration technology, which causes less stress for users and allows us to express the high quality of graphics.
This means that clear and well defined terms of graphics are possible.

Dungeon personnel system with an infinite degree of freedom, Last Chaos MMORPG uses SM + game (a single player and multiplayer), ex, a single system and a multi based on a large multimedia.

With the improvement of a function of size, players are not disturbed by other players and focus on combat. Grin
Since it has a great way to play for each player and you have a magnificent performance as a film that has never seen in the history of MMORPG.
Last Chaos is not like the old battles melancholy, slow and without goals and dynamism of a MMORPG. In other words, we aim to give life to blows and the action (even more than in Video Games).
Also, avoid the battle body to body in the brig staff, but we noticed a battle mode that allows advanced attack any enemy without specific angle of attack since, all types of attack and balance of users have the characteristic of attack.

The best part of MMORPGs that many people play and have fun is the period of battle.
In addition, Last War period shows a battle unlike any other games focusing its attention on producing a single 3D image that can bring. Roll Eyes

The battle of Last Chaos was made to bring a realistic feel; positions of fire equipment and many of the defense of the castle are present, a period of more systemic and battle tactics with bringing more strategic significance to the walls of the castle and the main gate; the right to order the positions of shots, many provide equipment for the defense to commanders, and use this wonderful production both to defend and to attack.

In Last Chaos, while disposable goods can be exchanged at a general store, users can produce as many items as possible.
Since the exchange and sale by other players can be more profitable than a store; the formation of a self adjustable user is maintained.
The user can place the name you want the item produced and use it, and they could spread their own brand of the game.

Do not lose anything in this test match. =].
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