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Thread: Your opinions?

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    I like it but it's sorta a heavy grinder; I mean your not just leveling one character technically since you have a sub class to raise. What bugs me is if you don't keep them even then you'll need to hang onto two sets of gear as well. Also some skills are so useless and others I am un-certain of; right now I'm like 16/8 or something and haven't raised a single skill on either.

    But the rest of the game is fine; A LOT better than most mmorpgs out there that are out of betas. I'll defiantly continue to play it, I really want to buy a darn permanent mount though as soon as cash shop opens on the US servers.

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    Yes, this game has a potential. Developers admitted that they were inspired by WoW mostly and some other games and kinda combined all in one awesome f2p
    It is worth ordering Diamonds BUT the situation on BBO makes me hold back for a while.

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