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    Default Class Discussion

    So yeah. I thought that maybe lots of you have many questions and impressions about classes so feel free to ask something or post your experience with classes you chose.
    I myself took Priest as primary and i think they are pretty overpowered or maybe ALOT. Cmon on lvl 5 i got Regeneration skill which regenerates 34 HP every 2 seconds for 20 seconds
    Soul Source heals all party member HP fully instantly though 10 minute cooldown IMO it should be 30 minutes.
    Wave Armor +5 i got.Absorbs 112.5 damage for 60 seconds and come on. What kind of monster can do 112.5 damage to you at that lvl?The only normal skill which isnt overpowered IMO is Instant heal.
    So yeah, post your opinions about your classes too.

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    the game is goin good for me so far with the rogue, only problem for me is there are tooo many good skills. Add in the duel class system which makes so many possibilities for various builds.
    Another thing people may abuse or use the rogue for is just to get the duel weild ability for their primary class. I was plannin on making a rogue/scout combo where u use the throw and just bow skills, thats just wicked at a distance since throw skills dont use mp. But for now i dont know wat the hell to do so im experimentin with every class (yes i made each class).

    Well since its just the second day i still have alot to think about and im verrrry picky so any mistakes i kinda regret and start over. Quick question anyone kno if u can respec in this game.

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    cause they are more overpowered

    LEvel 1-12 (Fireball / Flame) 2 hit k.o
    Level 14+ (Thunder + Galaxy) 2 hit k.o

    and stuff.. have not tried

    FIreball / Flame = Damage Dealer
    Thunder = Stun
    Galaxy = Soul Strike in ragnarok its almost the same. *No COOLDOWN* u can keep casting!

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