Game Name: Land of Destiny

Game Description: A strategic browser-based game set in medieval times.

Compete for dominancy in a world of thousands - all trying to reach the top. Gameplay focuses on your ability to balance the game's three vertices of warfare, economics, and expansion.

The Land of Destiny community is tolerant of new players. The game is designed so that players both old and new can have a chance to become number one. The game's "Empire" system allows players to join a group of players with similar interests... And to protect those interests in massive inter-empire PvP warfare.

Land of Destiny offers the chance to immerse yourself in strategic-gameplay. There are short-term benefits to raiding, but you will be making long-term enemies. There are political benefits to joining an Empire, but you will be asked to protect that Empire's interests.

1 - Land of Destiny's unique Imperial Army system gives newbies the chance to expand peacefully by enabling soft-caps on farming.
2 - Cumulative-raids and defense-networks formed by the armies from multiple in-game "outposts" allow players to launch joint-attacks from multiple locations, decreasing the need for military micro-management.
3 - The Manufacturing system is a unique system designed to realistically create advanced items such as tools from raw materials which can be extracted in your colonies. This unique feature allows players to produce anything from building-materials to beer with just a few well-placed clicks per day.

Logo: 100x75 above; normal-sized below:

Publisher: BasTijs

Platforms: Browser

Genre: Text Based other

Status: Beta

Forum Link: N/A

Game Site:

Notes:This game will be enter Open Beta on December 19 [12/19/08], so I am entering the status as 'Beta'. Our actual "Logo" is this yet I am not using it as it is too wide. Here are some of our screenshots from Alpha, and I look-forward to playing with who(m)soever whishes to join!

Edit: Please move this post to the "Open Beta" section, as it is enters Open Beta tomorrow.

Edit: I've added a few more screenshots -