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    Game Name: Crimecraft

    Game Description: CrimeCraft is an MMO game for the PC, developed by Vogster Entertainment. It utilizes the Unreal Engine 3[1].

    CrimeCraft is a massively multiplayer third-person shooter, role-playing game. Scheduled for release and available for free download and play in Spring 2009. CrimeCraft is a unique forerunner into a genre dominated by fantasy and sci-fi themes as it transports gamers into a lawless city filled with gangs, crime and street-style justice.

    “For us, the amazing social component inherent in MMO games is really the lynchpin in diversifying the content and overall consumer experience,” says Matt, McEnerney, Executive Producer at Vogster. “For CrimeCraft, we wanted to enhance those unifying connections players enjoy, yet do so with content that was a little more realistic and forward-reaching than the majority of fantasy content currently available.”


    Publisher: vogster

    Platforms: PC,

    Genre: 3D Graphics

    Status: Coming soon Spring 09

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    cool hope you get it done
    What? You expect something?

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