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Thread: anyone else get this kind of lag?

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    Default anyone else get this kind of lag?

    first of all, im not talking about animation lag, my computer is just fine for this kind of game, im talking about the fact that everyone is like run, stop, run, stop, run. such effects decrease when im outside of town! also i was wondering if anyone knew where the servers are based. i live in texas.

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    From the shoutbox of Aeria Games:
    thefauxwithin - GameSage: Domo » 09:29:54 pm
    The GMs are aware of the lag. The engineering team was investigating it a few days ago, but they couldn't find anything wrong with their servers. I believe I last heard that they were trying to get an answer from Softstar about it.

    I remember a week ago complaining about the lag, and all the GameSages said, "It's a problem with your internet connection". It is not. The lag prblem started when the Christmas patch was placed in. The lag is just getting worse to the point that you have a lag spike for 10 minutes.
    I don't know of Gametribe is having this problem, but Softstar needs to fix this problem.

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    I dont have a huge lag but a little one.
    Now i can't play DOMO at all. It just kicks me out. Is there something wrong with DOMO?

    /Edit: Never Mind! Got i t working! :P
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