I just started playing Rakion three days ago.

I have low ms, and not laggy.
And I've gotten fairly good at the game in a short period of time, because it isn't dissimilar to other games I've played, like Gunz and S4.

I started with a ninja, learning the slide and all of that, but wanted something easier for when I'm feeling lazier, so I made a Swordsman.

Turns out, I'm much better with him.
Problem is, every time I start really getting into a game, my kills going up quickly, someone, or everyone, claims I'm a hacker, and I get kicked.

So, I receive no experience or gold.

And this happens very often!

I've made it to the end of only a couple games, when I've played in many.

Sorry, I'm just complaining.

I just get a little pissed when I'm kicked from rooms, while there are other players that cannot even be killed because they lag so bad.

Anyone else have this type of issue?