Tired of ijji forums? GunZ Factor?
Join the new GunZ Revolution website!
Launched 12/21/08

Today, GunZ Revolution returns after some legal issues arose with the webmaster. With that, there are several changes. Join this brand new GunZ community and be a part of it.

why you should join
* Tournaments constantly held with championships and prizes
* Replay and screenshot hosting for everyone! No hassles or problems with our automated code system. Simply copy and paste into your post, and you're done!
* Friendly forums which anyone can be a part of. Don't worry about mod corruption or posting in the wrong forum. We've got you covered!
* Great and fluid design and layout
* Support System for commonly known GunZ Online issues
* Articles on current GunZ Online issues, updates, and events
* Championship system for tournament winners and those seeking recognition
* Events for those seeking something apart from competition
* Opportunities to become a staff member
* League [COMING SOON]
* Ventrilo DJ [COMING SOON]

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What is GunZ Revolution?
GunZ Revolution is a new GunZ Online fansite that hopes to do something that has never been done before; run a community with events, tournaments, championships, a league, articles, active community, and much more!

Why does GunZ Revolution want to do this? What's wrong with GzF / ijji?
GunZ Online is dying, we cannot deny that. However, adding something new, like constant tournaments and events, with a brand new community, would give this game the life it needs. Many people are getting tired of ijji and GunZ Factor because it's the same old. The people talk about the same thing, and the drama gets irritating after a while.

What's with the whole championship system at the bottom?
Good question. To even consider being a champion, you have to win a tournament. For example, if we say we're hosting a 1v1 Champion for Qualification for the 1v1 Championship, you must win that tournament. After you win that tournament, you then go on to face the current champion. If you win, you become the new champion.

What is this "GunZ League"?
The GunZ League was a custom project designed and coded by ijji Forum member melbow. It's a league for fun that will be constantly reset to give everyone a fair chance. However, it's not up yet. This is because we're still trying to work out the final kinks It's fully operational however.

I don't like XXXX. What can I do?
We love hearing opinions. If you don't like the site for whatever reason, we encourage you to tell us. We're not some big company that doesn't care about the people. We take every person seriously.

I think you can make the site better by YYYY.
Please do tell us. Just respond in this thread with any suggestions you may have Or you can tell us on the forums.

We hope you enjoy GunZ Revolution