ok i just started playing today, and to be honest: so far i dont really like the game!
the community is not very good! with that i mean, that i am having a hard time finding someone in-game that can answer my questions, or help me out! its like the chat is for high lvls only -.-'

also the quests have horible explanation!
it just says what you need to kill/collect, but it doesnt tell you where to find it :S
so you are supposed to look everywhere by yourself, until you find it?

also everything seems to be delayed! like if you click a mob, or NPC, it takes about a second before its selected, and if you want to use a skill, or pick something up, your character also waits for about a second before he does anything :S
is this a cummon problem? i have a 10Mbt connection, so its not because my connection is slow... i am downloading while playing though, but on a 10mbt connection it shouldnt have big effect?

anyway, i need some help:
i really dont know what to do! i cant find any quests with enough info, to actually complete the quest, i dont know what gear to buy/look for, and i dont know where to find the skill trainer!

it would be really cool if someone here from Onrpg could add me to friends, and help me a little bit to get started!

hope you can help me!

in advance: Thanks