http://www.MapleIndex.Com - A New Maplestory fan site. You're able to make your guild his own site with no work, And to meet new friends.
http://www.MusicStoryRadio.Com - Earn points by listening to radio, And buy NX Cash with these points.
http://www.Mapleanime.Com - Maplestory fan site. Helpful downloads and all the Maplestory flash games in one place. - A Really useful sites, With great guides for quests and etc.
http://www.BasilMarket.Com - You're able to buy/sell stuff. and to meet new friends.
http://www.MapleSim.Com - BannedStory Simulator
BannedStory is the program that simulates the characters, pets , skills and more.

Post here if you know more Maplestory fan sites , guides , guilds , news and etc. and i will add them later.!