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Thread: Thinking of playing, want some input!

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    Default Thinking of playing, want some input!

    So, I'm a heavy WoWer. I love the game, and everything about it, but currently I'm a little bit burned out. No doubt I'll eventually play again, but right now I'm interested in trying something else out. That being said, I'm curious about the races/factions and class combinations. If anyone has played WoW and know what the Rogue class is like, I'm a heavy fan of those style of characters, and was curious what would be best if I prefered the sneaky yet deadly route.

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    You would probably like to try the Witch Hunter in the Order side and the Disciple of Khaine in the Destruction side. Their gameplay is a bit similar to WoW's rogue, not the same though.

    The Witch Hunter is pure DPS (I have a lot of fun playing with mine - his name's Mainard), and you use a sword for close combat and a gun for ranged combat, so you're basically attacking all the time when you get several skills. Some of 'em make a lot more damage if you start attacking from the back and such...

    Haven't tried the Disciple so I can't tell you about it, but I've suffered their attacks in RvR's and they're quite strong too ^^u. I think they use dual blades and probably accumulate energy by hitting enemies just so they can unleash magical skills afterwards. I've been attacked many times in my back by Disciples so they probably have skills that require backstabbing too.
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    Your best bet would probably be either the Witch Hunter on the Order side, or the Witch Elf on the destruction side. (They are close mirrors to each other. The Disciple of Khaine is actually a mirror of the warrior priest instead) Both of these classes have a stealth skill they acquire early in the game, and they get some deadly stealth required skills as well.

    If you'd like a trial to try it out, PM me your email and I'll send you a key.

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    Don't bother.

    Until they get server population issues, excessive crowd control, and class balance issues solved, the game is a mess.

    My wife and I cancelled this month.

    We have multiple 40s and tried to stick it out (leveling up more characters while hoping RvR would get fixed) but nothing seems to be happening.

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