Engine Name: Blitz Engine

Description: Blitz Engine is a new and easy to use 2D ORPG (Online RolePlaying Game) Creation System programmed in Visual Basic 6.0 made by Bright Eye Entertainment. It allows you to make a full scale 2D ORPG in a matter of minutes without any knowledge of programming. The engine is Open Source, meaning if there is something lacking in the engine that you might want, with some knowledge in VB6, you can add your own features and customize your game the way you want it to be. The engine is programmed with DirectX 8 allowing you to make creative maps and bring your game to life. The engine is always being worked on, so updates come regularly. We try to have a fast, stable engine before we add features so the engine runs stable for you to make a game without crashes.

Logo: N/A

Publisher: Bright Eye Entertainment

Platforms: PC

Genre: n/a

Status: first release coming soon

Link: www.blitz-engine.com