No turns, energy, stamina... I need Freedom!

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    Default No turns, energy, stamina... I need Freedom!

    Looking for a browser game. Visually doesn't matter. Text, 2d, 3d, flash, blah...

    I just want to be able to walk around and do what I want to do when I want to do it. (even if it gets me killed)

    A little bit of Strategy-type is okay but I like the RPG element better.

    If its not free then perhaps one where the premium or item mall is not so powerful it makes the free account look like a joke.

    Lands of Hope is one I loved but didn't like the lack of a large player base.

    Shimlar and RWK were cool but they were too drone-like for me.

    RS and AQWorlds need no mention.

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    Shadowtale is fun.

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