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Thread: warhammer witout credit card?

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    Default warhammer witout credit card?

    hmmm if i go and buy warhammer.. and buy myself a cuple of the 60 day passes... when i make register an account.. do i have to input a valid credit card? no1 in my family would ever give me their credit card... even though it wont bill them or anything... but they just dont trust game company's etc... they'll porbably tihnk its porn or something .... btw im 17 not some whiny little kid that'll say ingame.. oh shitzer i pwnzer ur a$$ ... so is there a way to evade inputting a credit card?

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    Using a prepaid is the alternative if you don't have a credit card. So no you shouldn't have to have or use a credit card.

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    If you buy the Original Game It should come with one month and wont ask for a credit card. You can then after add in your 60 day prepaid card with out a credit card. It wont ask you for a card. But I would probably buy the game first before getting the card because if you end up not liking the game (which I doubt cause teh game iz ep1c) you wont be wasting your money.

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