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Thread: Sword Warrior Guide By C0mput3r/Argonaut

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    Default Sword Warrior Guide By C0mput3r/Argonaut

    Sword Warrior Guide By C0mput3r / Argonaut

    [Table of Contents]
    1.0 Warrior Job Upgrade System
    1.1 Introduction
    1.2 Starting Ghost Online
    1.3 Stats for a Peasant
    1.4 Skills for a Peasant
    1.5 Recap of Skills by Lvl 10
    1.6 Training as a Peasant
    1.7 1st Job Advancement
    2.0 Stats for a Warrior
    2.1 Fraction Advancement
    2.2 Sword Warrior Skills
    2.3 Clan Skills
    2.4 Training as a Sword Warrior
    2.5 Sword Warrior Skill Build
    2.6 Recap of Sword Warrior Skills by Lvl 60
    3.0 2nd Job Advancement
    3.1 2nd Job Sword Warrior Skills (Order)
    3.2 2nd Job Sword Warrior Skills (Chaos)
    3.3 2nd Job Sword Warrior Skill Build (Order) Under Construction
    3.4 2nd Job Sword Warrior Skill Build (Chaos) Under Construction
    4.0 Training Places
    5.0 FAQs
    5.1 Credits

    [1.0 Warrior Job Upgrade System]

    [1.1 Introduction]
    Sword Warriors are a fun class to play with in Ghost Online, they are a melee class that specialize in using a Sword as their main weapon. They are one of the fastest training classes but lack a little in PvP compared to other classes. Sword Warriors may not be as strong in PvP as their Blader friends but they make it up with their fast training speed. So if you want a class that can train fast and isn’t so bad in PvP with practice then I would suggest a Sword Warrior.

    [1.2 Starting Ghost Online]
    When you first make your character in Ghost Online there are 2 tutorials for players to teach them the basics of the game, if you’re an experienced player you can just skip the tutorials and start your life as a Peasant. Also in game if you press the esc key right above the “Exit Game” button there are the “Help” and “KeyConfig.” buttons which can help you because there’s way too many people asking in game where this place is what key to do that this will set you apart from those noobs .

    [1.3 Stats for a Peasant]
    Stat points don't really matter when you are a peasant because when you get Lvl 10 and finish your job advancement you will have all your stat points reset back to 3 but I suggest you to add all your stat points into Str to make it easier to train and so you don’t die as often but some people like to put all points into Dex instead by all means do so if you feel that its better.

    [1.4 Skills for a Peasant]
    I highly recommend you max this skill simply because it makes you run fast in game what's better than increasing the speed of your game play.

    Wind Jump
    This skill is good because it helps you jump higher and is just as useful as Sprint. Wind Jump helps you later on to getting pass Snake Cave and getting to Goat Lord map.

    This skill I find useless because later on in the game you’re not going to be using it often and just end up forgetting about it.

    Wind Blast
    This skill is useful in the beginning but eventually this skill will be obsolete to your other skills and the level 50 skill is much better than this one.

    I recommend following this build for your peasant, unlike stat points, skill points don't reset. Note: instead of getting Lvl 6 Meditate you can get Lvl 5 Wind Blast and Lvl 2 Meditate it's really just a personal choice. If you do decide to do this don’t add all remaining points into wind blast because then it will cost double the MP.

    Lvl 1: Start Your Life as a Peasant
    Lvl 2: +2 Sprint (3)
    Lvl 3: +2 Sprint (5)
    Lvl 4: +2 Wind Jump (3)
    Lvl 5: +2 Wind Jump (5)
    Lvl 6: +2 Wind Jump (7)
    Lvl 7: +2 Wind Jump (9)
    Lvl 8: +1 Wind Jump +1 Meditate (2)
    Lvl 9: +2 Meditate (4)
    Lvl 10: +2 Meditate (6)

    [1.5 Recap of Skills by Lvl 10]
    5 Sprint
    10 Wind Jump
    6 Meditate
    1 Wind Blast
    5 Sprint
    10 Wind Jump
    2 Meditate
    5 Wind Blast

    [1.6 Training as a Peasant]
    Training as a peasant isn't hard just kill monsters outside of Blue City and you will find that you will be Lvl 10 in no time. Doing the quest that are in your Quest log can help pass the time and help with the training. During Lvl 5-10 I would suggest you get 20x Sealstone Ropes, 10x Scorpion Tails, and 10x Grabbers Bone, these items will later be needed for the 1st job advancement, these monsters can be found in Blue Plains 4 and Southern Plains 1.

    [1.7 1st Job Advancement]
    So now that you are Lvl 10 you are ready for your job advancement.
    Go to Blue Plain 2 and find Steel Blade Scot.

    Items needed for 1st job advancement:
    20x Sealstone Ropes
    10x Scorpion Tails
    10x Grabbers Bone

    Congratulations you are now a Sword Warrior are you can start your long journey as a Sword Warrior.

    [2.0 Stats for a Warrior]
    4 Str - This build is a basic build that alot of ppl follow because it will give your warrior stable damage and good amount of HP but does lack in Def compared to a build with Phy.

    3 Str / 1 Phy - This build gives your good stable attack, high HP and good def so you don't take that much damage from monsters but in the end you don’t do as much damage as a other builds. If you are going to do this build don't put Phy every Lvl add Phy every other Lvl and also capping it at a certain amount isn’t too bad.

    4 Dex - This is also a notable choice for a warrior this build gives your a bigger damage range so you can pack a heavier punch but pay for it with a low amount of life and crappy Defense.

    3 Dex / 1 Phy - This build is another build that isn’t bad I would suggest this over a Pure Dex build. It gives you a good amount of damage than Str and the Phy makes up for the low HP and defense. If you are going to do this build don't put Phy every Lvl add Phy every other Lvl and also capping it at a certain amount isn’t too bad.

    If you don't like any of the builds here you can always make yourself a customized build.

    [2.1 Fraction Advancement]
    Choosing a fraction is an important decision in Ghost Online. This will not only effect your guild placement but also your 2nd Job Skills so pick wisely. If you pick Order every level you will get 1 Attack and 2 Defense and if you pick Chaos vice versa, 2 Attack and 1 Defense.

    When you are level 40 head on over to the fraction leader, Order leader is located in a building in Blue City[S] and Chaos leader is located in a building in Blue City[N].

    Level 40
    Items Needed:
    30x Ginsengs

    [2.2 Sword Warrior Skills]
    Sword Mastery - Lvl 10
    This skill is a must max simply because it increase your damage when using a Sword enough said.

    Dragon Thrust - Lvl 13
    I wouldn't recommend adding points into this skill since it cost more Mp than Double Slash and isn't as effective as Double Slash in training. Although this skill is better than Double Slash in PvP so after maxing all the main skills if you do decide to add this it is up to you.

    Double Slash - Lvl 18
    This is one of the most useful skills for a Sword Warrior. It’s good for training and good for PvP and when in use you are invulnerable so that a plus. This skills is OK is PvP simply because after using this skill you are vulnerable from getting get by others so make sure when using this in PvP that the hit connects.

    Warriors Soul - Lvl 23
    One of the best skills for Warriors I suggest you max this skill right after Double Slash because you get extra damage when using this skill, only down fall is that you lose Def but not alot the defense lost can be cover with a skill like Defenders Soul or a Mage skill called Barrier which cast upon all in Party.

    UpSideDown - Lvl 28
    Good for PvP but not so much in training. A few points into this skill comes in handy for PvP. I suggest Lvl 5 for this skill because at Lvl 5 for 25 HP if recovers 200 MP that’s enough for a couple more Double Slash and a Dragon Strike.

    Defenders Soul - Lvl 33
    Raises your Def not a bad skill to get but is up to you if you want to get this skill or not. A good skill to help cover the Def lost from Blood Fury. A Mage skill called Barrier does the same this so instead of getting this skill you can find and Mage with Barrier and Party up with them and have them Barrier.

    Guardian Soul - Lvl 38
    This skill I find only good for PvP since you don't block in training so adding points into it is up to you.

    [2.3 Clan Skills]

    Demonic SoulBurn - Lvl 40
    By far one of the most useless skills it replaces your old rage. All that happens is that you turn into a demon; you can't use skills and can only attack. Only time this skill would be useful is if you Max this skill or have it have a high Lvl and you can use it to own in PvP and GvG.

    Dragon Strike - Lvl 50
    This is a range skill and very good with a Sword Warrior. This move is good for rounding up those monsters into a mob so you can finish them off with Double Slash and great move for PvP.

    [2.4 Training as a Sword Warrior]
    I find training as a Sword Warrior quite simple you want to take full advantage of the invincibility frames you get from Double Slash. What I do is jump forwards and use Double Slash and turn around and repeat making a "∞" symbol around a group of monsters. When you learn Dragon Strike you can use it to round up the monster then Double Slash then to death. This way it’s simple and quick to train.

    [2.5 Sword Warrior Skill Build]
    If you want to make your own Skill Build feel free to go ahead but this build is a suggestion for a skill build and the one I used.

    Lvl 10: Learn Sword Master
    Lvl 11: +2 Sword Mastery (3)
    Lvl 12: +2 Sword Mastery (5)
    Lvl 13: +2 Sword Mastery (7) ; Learn Dragon Thrust
    Lvl 14: +2 Sword Mastery (9)
    Lvl 15: +2 Sword Mastery (11)
    Lvl 16: +2 Sword Mastery (13)
    Lvl 17: +2 Sword Mastery (15)
    Lvl 18: +2 Sword Mastery (17) ; Learn Double Slash
    Lvl 19: +2 Sword Mastery (19)
    Lvl 20: +2 Sword Mastery (20) +1 Double Slash (2)
    Lvl 21: +2 Double Slash (4)
    Lvl 22: +1 Double Slash (5) Save Point (1)
    Lvl 23: Save Points (3) ; Learn Warriors Soul
    Lvl 24: +5 Double Slash (10)
    Lvl 25: Save Points (2)
    Lvl 26: Save Points (4)
    Lvl 27: +5 Double Slash Save Point (1)
    Lvl 28: Save Points (3) ; Learn UpSideDown
    Lvl 29: +5 Double Slash (20)
    Lvl 30: +2 Warriors Soul (3)
    Lvl 31: +2 Warriors Soul (5)
    Lvl 32: +2 Warriors Soul (7)
    Lvl 33: +2 Warriors Soul (9) ; Learn Defenders Soul
    Lvl 34: +2 Warriors Soul (11)
    Lvl 35: +2 Warriors Soul (13)
    Lvl 36: +2 Warriors Soul (15)
    Lvl 37: +2 Warriors Soul (17)
    Lvl 38: +2 Warriors Soul (19) ; Learn Guardian Soul
    Lvl 39: +1 Warriors Soul (20) +1 UpSideDown (2)
    Lvl 40: +2 UpSideDown (4) ; Choose Between Force Of Order or Chaos ; Learn Demon Rage (Optional)
    Lvl 41: +1 UpSideDown (5) Save Points (1)
    Lvl 42: Save Points (3)
    Lvl 43: Save Points (5)
    Lvl 44: Save Points (7)
    Lvl 45: Save Points (9)
    Lvl 46: Save Points (11)
    Lvl 47: Save Points (13)
    Lvl 48: Save Points (15)
    Lvl 49: Save Points (17)
    Lvl 50: Learn Dragon Strike ; +19 Dragon Strike (20)
    Lvl 51: Save Points (2)
    Lvl 52: Save Points (4)
    Lvl 53: Save Points (6)
    Lvl 54: Save Points (8)
    Lvl 55: Save Points (10)
    Lvl 56: Save Points (12)
    Lvl 57: Save Points (14)
    Lvl 58: Save Points (16)
    Lvl 59: Save Points (18)
    Lvl 60: Save Points (20)

    Note: If your find that you are in need of Defense you can add points into Defenders Soul instead of saving the points. All saved points go towards a 2nd Job Skill.

    [2.6 Recap of Alternate Sword Warrior Skills by Lvl 60]
    20 Sword Mastery
    1 Dragon Thrust
    20 Double Slash
    20 Warriors Soul
    5 UpSideDown
    1 Defenders Soul
    1 Guardian Soul
    1 Demon Rage (Optional)
    20 Dragon Strike
    20 Saved Points

    All saved points go towards a 2nd Job Skill.

    [3.0 2nd Job Advancement]
    Level 60
    Joined Force of Order or Force of Chaos
    100 Reputation

    Things needed for 2nd job advancement:
    10x Goat Lord Scrolls
    25x Porgy
    Kill 30 Monkey Lord
    10x Jade Stone

    Getting 100 Reputation by Lvl 60 isn’t quite that hard just simply win a PvP in the Arena in Night Castle or by finishing a Quest.
    You might be wondering where you can get a Jade Stone, in the Arena there are a set of Red Portal go into it and every so often a Terracotta Warrior should spawn. He is really simple to kill he doesn’t attack you and walks really slowly but has a crazy amount of HP so you might find yourself talking a while to kill this Monster. After you kill him he might drop a Jade Stone.

    [3.1 2nd Job Sword Warrior Skills (Order)]
    Hp Up - Lvl 62
    Increase Max HP.

    Sp Up - Lvl 62
    Increase maximum SP.

    Moon Flash - Lvl 69
    Launch area attack towards enemies in front of the character.

    Soul Collect – Lvl 76
    Value of soul demon increases for certain period of time when character is attacked.

    Sword Energy – Lvl 83
    Form sword energy to launch attack.

    Beastial Roar - Lvl 90
    Let out a roar to the surrounding enemies, causing enemy to receive additional amount of damage and suffer instant death at certain rate.

    ATK Reflection - Lvl 97
    Upon activation of skill, attack received by the first time will be defended.

    Dragons Force – Lvl 104
    Launches attack of the dragon force from the ground towards enemies in the area of effect.

    [3.2 2nd Job Sword Warrior Skills (Chaos)]
    Hp Up - Lvl 62
    Increase Max HP.

    Sp Up - Lvl 62
    Increase maximum SP.

    Vampiric Sword - Lvl 69
    Restores certain amount of HP when attack is successful

    Art of Ghost - Lvl 76
    Increases max SP for a period of time

    Sky Breaker - Lvl 83
    Spins the surrounding enemies and launches attack

    Dark Pulse - Lvl 90
    Let out a roar to the surrounding enemies, causing enemy to receive additional amount of damage and stun enemy at certain rate

    Energy Guard - Lvl 97
    Character will not be able to attack for a period of time. Character will not receive damage as well

    Universe Breaker - Lvl 104
    Consumes own HP and SP to deal maximum damage

    [3.3 2nd Job Sword Warrior Skill Build (Order)] Under Construction

    [3.4 2nd Job Sword Warrior Skill Build (Chaos)] Under Construction

    [4.0 Training Places]
    Lvl 1-4: Blue Hill 1, Killing Firebos & Nikos
    Lvl 5-9: Blue River 5, Killing Facefishes, Sealstones & Scorpion Kings
    Lvl 10-12: Blue River 8, Killing Yabi & Mantress
    Lvl 13-16: Northern Plains 2, Killing Umbrellans & Ghost Eggs
    Lvl 17-19: Hidden Northern Plains 3, Killing Ghost Eggs & Jumper Eyes
    Lvl 20-23: Hidden Northern Plains 2, Killing Jumping Dead and The Eyes
    Lvl 24-32: Bamboo Forest 1 or 2, Killing Turtlesnakes & Skeletons
    Lvl 33-41: Hidden Bamboo Forest 1, Killing One-Legged Ghost
    Lvl 42-47: Hidden Night Plains 1, Killing Horned Kebis & Bandits
    Lvl 48-54: Yellow Cavern 1, Killing Green Snails
    Lvl 55-63: Iron Steam 1 or 2, Killing Snail Ladies
    Lvl 64-67: Hidden Iron Hill 2, Killing King Stones
    Lvl 68-69: Hidden Iron Hill 3, Killing Trees

    Training places after this point have not been released in gGO yet.

    Lvl 70-76: KL Road 3, Killing Trees, Foxes and Crows
    Lvl 77-80: Tie Wan Valley 7, Killing Elephants

    Note: Feel free to stay in training places longer or move to a different training place earlier if you find that it's faster you don't have to follow this guide 100% of the time.

    [5.0 FAQs]
    Q: Where can I find Steel Blade Scot?
    A: He is located at Blue Plains 2; use the world map to find the location.

    Q: Why should I not add skill points to Palm Force?
    A: Later on there is skills called Dragon Strike which is way better range and hits multiply targets.

    Q: Why not max Meditate?
    A: Later on you will be so busy training that you will not have the time to waste to just sit there and meditate all your HP/MP.

    Q: Can I get both Sword and Blade Skills?
    A: Yes, I've done that and sometimes for fun play around with the blade skills

    Q: How do I earn a lot of Gen?
    A: If you are running into money trouble you can go fishing and AFK. Instead of buying your Equipments from NPC shops go to market to find a cheap seller or train at monsters that drop the Equipments you need. Don't sell Equipments to the NPC instead sell them to other players for a little higher price than what you would get from the NPC.

    Q: Which Fraction did you choose?
    A: Order in mGO & Chaos in gGO

    Q: I see people with a glow on their weapons how do I make my weapon glow?
    A: You have to GP Fusion your weapon with a 100% Seal Items at the Bookstore in the town and hopefully get it +21 or more for a glow. YOu can do this with various combination of Seal Items

    More questions will be added later on.

    [5.1 Credits]
    C0mput3r / Argonaut - For making the guide.

    See a mistake or have any suggest for changes/additions to my guide just PM me.
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    Dont know why this posted when I tried to edit my guide.
    mGO status:
    Argonaut - Sword Warrior - Order Fraction - Eternity Guild Leader - Lvl 8X

    gGO status:
    Argonaut - mGO veteran - Sword Warrior - Chaos Fraction - Vheissu Guild - Lvl 7X

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    Very nice job. You made me want to play Ghost Online and make a warrior . BTW, what's your IGN and stuff in case I need help or just chat?
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    Default He3... Nice Guide

    Your guide is really helpfull for newbie like me.
    I played Indonesia Ghost Online. GO just have been release about one year in
    I started to play GO on this April, and thank's to your guide now I am sword warrior level 52. I have also read another guide (blade, assasin, etc) from your thread. I got confuse what job is better for both PvP an PvM ~_~ coz all seem strong.
    Acctually I want to ask your suggestion about these:
    1. Can you write a guide about how to PvP? coz I always lose T_T, give me some clue plzz, especially facing blader, assasin and also mage.
    2. Is it okay for me to build my defense skill (Iron skin in Indonesia GO)???
    Will it be another important skills in 2nd job, so we must save those skill point?
    3. I found that fishing isn't very helpfull for earning money in my lvl now, coz in lvl 50 and above an armor and an weapon will cost so high. Is there any other ways to earn money?

    I hope that I can have your suggestions soon. TQ

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    Too bad NGO is shutting down lol,

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