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Thread: Empires Of Galldon - Beta Testers Needed!

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    Talking Empires Of Galldon - Beta Testers Needed!

    Empires of Galldon has been an ongoing project for nearly 4 years.. I've recently had the chance to get together with other fellow coders and really get the game nice looking as far as the map/layout etc.. Need some beta testers!

    Game Name: Empires Of Galldon v1.4b

    Game Description: Empires of Galldon is a free to play, online browser based strategy game that runs on 10 minute ticks. Upon registration the player is immediately thrown into a world of chaos amongst the other players in EoG. Build your empire and reign terror on the lands of Galldon! ^^

    Media: Home-Studio Collaborations

    Requirements : Any standard web browser/Cookies enabled for website (to log into the game)

    Genre: Browser Based Strategy Game

    Staff: Myself(Everything but graphics), Dijital(Map Artist), Owdtrout(Creatue/Item Artist)

    Status: Open Beta (Round 2 v1.4b)

    Website: (soon to be .com! )


    In game map shots

    Pic 1Pic 2

    In-Depth look at the features EoG offers ^^

    - New World/Village Maps
    - New Village browsing movement system(North,South,East,West)
    - Empire Levels (1-13; Each with a changing image on the map as you progress)
    - Militia Units (18 total)
    - Ranged Units (4 total)
    - Magical Units (2 total)
    - Creatures (5 total)
    - Suicidal Units (1 total)
    - Siege Units (1 total)
    - Militia Buildings (12 total)
    - Magical Buildings (4 total)
    - Militia Building Upgrades (6 total)
    - Suicidal Buildings (1 total)
    - Defensive Structures (2 total)
    - Razing Of Buildings, Disbanding Of Units
    - Empire Engagement : Attack/Suicide/Intel/Theif
    - Kill your opponents off Medieval-Style ^^
    - Spell Casting (15 spells total)
    - Empire Enchants (Lvl 1 - 3)
    - Player to Player messaging
    - Clan establishment, clan joining
    - Leaderboards (Acres, Experience, Civilians; Clan Leaderboards as well)
    - Forms of currency : Gold, Wood, Stone, Food, Civilians, Runes
    - Automatic Tick Production every 5 minutes (No need to keep browser open for empire to grow)
    - Trade system for resources listed : Wood, Stone, Food, Civilians, Recruits, Acres ( For Gold )
    - Clan management
    - Clan message boards
    - Clan funding
    - Online Chat Support 24/7
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    Looks cute! I'll check it out!

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    Could the registration-confirmation page take us back to the login? I am using Chrome as my web-browser.

    Yay - Utopia : )

    The game is ok, but I got bored of the interface. Try adding-in some artwork.

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