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Thread: could someone understand korean translate this pls?

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    Default could someone understand korean translate this pls?

    its a in-game message so cant use ctrl+c but there is warning icon

    I tried to write 1 letter per letter to use online translator

    이 캐릭터의 거임이 최근비정장적으로 종료된 적이 있 습니다, 캐릭터 정보를 제크해 주세요.

    using website translator to english:

    Geoimyi of this character is the non-suit has been terminated and character information, please jekeuhae.

    but I dont understand or did some letter wrong but not sure

    thanks if someone could translate this ^^
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    It says
    "The character ingame has recently been terminated unusually. Please check your character information."

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