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Thread: Add Game:Armored Legion

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    Default Add Game:Armored Legion


    This game is a mech 3d game, it is still in its beta stage but it has pretty good graphics, a great community, and lots of monsters to fight. They are ading updates atleast once a week right now and the updates are going to make the game alot better.This game is very good for just the beta the really only problem with it is that there arent enough wepons or armor, and upgrades. And there are a few errors on fighting but they are working on those immediately

    *edit*I just looked at the way to add a game from the post from one of the admins, i will mkae it how they desire below this one.

    Game Name: Armored Legion

    Game Description: A MMORPG mech game based in space, battling robots, getting credits for better equipment, and talking with friends.

    Publisher: Unkown

    Platforms: PC, MAC

    Genre: 3D Graphics

    Status: Open Beta

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    =o =o =o =o =o AWSOME!

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