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I began to know Gk player Team from a friend of mine. He has bought ATonline gold from them once and they sent him ATonline gold in time. At first I do not believe it. Because there too many fraud stores online who do not give you ATonline gold and in time or even do not give you. So, I am very careful about the online stores. At first, I only browse the site and ask some questions I dare about. Their live supporter answers me clearly and patiently. So, I decide to have a try. At first I only buy 50mil gold from them and they send me quickly which surprise me a lot.Also,they have a sale promotion that 5% free gold for new customers! And from that time on I always buy ATonline gold from them. Now I am VIP of them I can get a discount from them. You may also have a try. Try to look at their site to find more sales promotion!

shut up gold sellers!!