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Thread: Add Game: Net Fighters

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    Post Add Game: Net Fighters

    Game Name: Net Fighters


    Game Description: Net Fighters is a free online multiplayer RPG/strategy/fighting browser game with 2D side-view graphics. Create your own characters and custom techniques and challenge players around the world!

    • Change avatar and sprites.
    • Increase attributes.
    • Create highly customized techniques.
    • Equiping weapons, armors, etc...
    • Increase weapon proficiencies.
    • Train for some time to increase attributes.
    • Instant fights (1x1).
    • Arena fights (up to 8 characters).
    • Power ranking.
    • Victories ranking.
    • Real-time global chat (web-IRC).
    • Real-time arena chats.
    • Shoutbox (almost-real-time chat).
    • Forum.
    • Orkut and Facebook groups.
    • Google Moderator (FAQ and suggestions).
    • OpenID support: Secure log in with your GMail, Yahoo! Mail, etc...
    • Google gears: Create desktop shortcut icon for the game.
    • Music and sound effects.
    • Text-to-Speech: Real-time fight narration.
    • Ajax.
    • Twitter notifications.
    • More cool features coming!

    Publisher: RCP Arts

    Platforms: Browser Based

    Genre: RPG / Strategy - 2D Graphics

    Status: Open Beta

    Hope you like it! And if you don't like, please tell me what can I do so you can change your mind =)

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    Woah...... just.... awsome!
    What? You expect something?

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