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Thread: Ansalon - Online Dragonlance Text-based RPG

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    Default Ansalon - Online Dragonlance Text-based RPG

    Game Name: Ansalon the Online Dragonlance RPG

    Game Logo:

    Game Description: Ansalon is a Dragonlance MUD
    (Multi User Dungeon, Text Based Role-Playing Game)
    where a player can become an imaginary character in the DragonLance
    world, and interact with other players who are also playing at the
    same time. Your character can be a Silvanesti Elf, a Neidar Dwarf, a
    Human, a Minotaur, a fun-loving Kender, or any of a multitude of

    Ansalon has been up and running since 1996. It is a stable,
    well-developed world, with custom code and custom areas to explore.
    Even over a decade later, we're making upgrades and changes on a
    weekly basis!

    Ansalon is always looking for new players with new stories to tell and
    new conflicts to incite. Speaking of stories, check out our stories
    page!! Thousands of stories from 1999 through now! Read them by
    author, updated as they post!

    Newbies are encouraged and with them in mind, Ansalon offers detailed
    maps and lots of people willing to help out and give advice so that
    folks unused to Ansalon _don't_ have to struggle through the often
    painful process of learning a new MUD. There is a great 'USE' command
    for almost any object you find, give it a shot! Ask questions on the
    Newbie channel (or OOC), get all of the free maps from the school..
    And READ that email we sent you, it does have some great information
    on how to get started!

    We fully encourage clans and other organizations. Perhaps you'd like
    to join the Solamnic Knights? Or join the Conclave of Mages? Or maybe
    you want to take over the world in one of the wings of Takhisis'
    ? No matter what your character wants to do, there's a
    clan that should suit his/her taste.

    Unique Options: 5 coin system, full on insane fishing code!,
    player owned shops that work 24/7, homes/personal areas available,
    drinking anywhere that makes sense, corks & labels for potions,
    fountains that gurgle and refill, nuances that make the game feel
    real, much much more! See our changes page on the web by year at:




    Playable via: Flash web browser, telnet, Mud client, javascript web browser. No downloads required.

    Publisher: AnsalonMUD

    Platforms: PC, MAC, Linux

    Genre: FREE, MUD, Text-based Role-Playing Game

    Status: Open for play

    Ps. I forgot to add, this is a new game listing request as well.
    Thanks all, great site!

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