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Thread: Can i lvl fast in water margin?

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    Default Can i lvl fast in water margin?

    can i lvl fast in this game?
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    Well.. It depends on how you lvl.. The best way is to either join a team or create a team which consists of a healers, bo****s and lurers.. However.. "Leeching" has become more and more popular in this game.. Head on to high lvl monsters like Phantoms at Thousand Mile Forest (located in Large Plain at the north of Eastern Capital) or White Sprout Bay and join a team.. Though you can't be much of a help as your lvl is low (if that is the case).. You actually acts as a Experience Point Booster (boosts your team's experience points) and you may get very good experience points effortlessly..

    I have a friend who has already reached the current max lvl in WMO and started another new character.. He managed to take 2 weeks to reach lvl 145 with the "leeching" method and hardcore lvling after lvl 100..

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