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Thread: browser game submission BlackSun District

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    Default browser game submission BlackSun District

    Game Name: BlackSun District

    Game Description: BlackSun District is a Free 2 Play, online
    cyberpunk RPG in constant development. The game itself is a mix of the gameplay of the late 80's and today's technology, in order to bring that good nostalgia feeling back for older people, and initiate the new generation to the concept.

    Logo: <a href=''>
    <div style='width: 468px; 'id='Shockwave1'><embed style='display: block;' src='' type='application/x-shockwave-flash' pluginspage='' loop='false' quality='autohigh' scale='showall' salign='Left' wmode='window' autoplay='false' flashvars='clickTAG=http%3A//' width='468' height='60'></div></a>


    Platforms: PC, MAC, Cell Phones w/html browser

    Genre: text-based

    Status: Open Beta, release date april 1st 2009

    Thank you very much
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