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    Quote Originally Posted by cinderboy View Post
    I don't think so. Like I said, the developers did mention there is no proper expansion in the works, meaning one you need to pay for, back in an interview 2months back, claiming they are concentrating on patching the current game first. Where's cyber when ya need him lol~


    This so called "expansion" is free.

    The first event was to introduce the Choppa and Slayer. As someone said, the other events will be spread out.

    Here is a link to the next event:

    And what will be in the next patch:

    Oh yeah!!!! I am gonna hijack this thread for a little bit. I am wanting to start a guild on the server Iron Rock. The guild is for Destruction players. If any of you can be so kind to roll up a Dest character on that server and assist me, much thanks would be appreciated.

    You can find me on either one of these characters:

    Zenous, Dark Elf Sorcerer

    Idunno Jack, Greenskin Black Orc

    Send me a PM or mail when you will be on. I am still debating on the name of the guild.
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