Some reasons to play Lost City:

No resets - Active players will never ever be deleted, train your stats knowing they will never be lost!
No cost - Lost City will always be completely free.
Community - Come, meet, and socialize with hundreds of players in Lost City's large and vibrant forums and IRC community!
Attack - Got a problem with another player? Go and show them who's boss by attacking, mugging, or hospitalizing them.
Gangs - Create or join one of Lost City's gangs, socialize, war and commit organized crimes together.
Items - Own hundreds of items, sell them, use them.
Stocks - Invest in a realistic stock market
Pets Capture and train your pet for battle or just bragging rights.
Gym - Become one of Lost City's strongest by training your stats.
Quests - Complete missions as you level up to earn extra game areas, items and cash!
Marriage - Find a sweetheart and propose to marry them. Enjoy the benefits of marriage like shared housing as well as shared funds!
Jobs - Try your hand at one of 4 Lost City job categories, with over 20 different jobs and specials.
****** - Lady Luck in your corner? Find out by playing one of our ****** games!
Markets - Become an integral part of, the Lost City economy by buying and selling goods in the markets
Shops - Look around the Lost City Shopping malls and buy Weapons, Armour and Items!
Newspaper - Read the Lost City Sun Tribune Daily, here you will find the latest game events and stories!
Traveling - Travel to 5 interesting destinations.
Hall of fame - Rise through the ranks of Lost City and be recognized as the best of the best in the Lost City Hall of Fame!
Always running - Lost City is always running and you will be able to access your account from the web anywhere in the world!
Server - This online text based role play game runs on a powerful server, lag is always at a minimal!
Staff - Need help with anything? Lost City has a great group of staff members who will happily assist you!