Ok, after reading the system requirements post and read most of the posters are wondering if they can run Warhammer online or not, you will have to look into these aspects.

1. Video card- For Geforce Type videocards, you have to look at several things. For instance, its series. The higher the second digit, the more performance you are getting.

8000-8200/9000-9200- Very low end cards, Theyre integrated. Can barely run anything.

8400-8500/9400-9500 These are Low end cards and are meant for Watching movies or playing 2d games, they can run some games but at very low resolutions. Not worth it.

8600-8700- These are the Midranged cards for Gaming, You wont max everything at the highest resolutions, but they can run games. For example.. at 1280x1024 for most. I Would recommend this card for Warhammer.

8800 and above is the Highend series for gaming.

-Edit-The 9 Series is slightly different. the 9500GT is that of a 8600GT.

I would recommend a Geforce 9500- or 9600gt. The 9600GT is 2x a 8600gt and has much better stats, better ROPs, and much more fillrate. its perfect for gaming but not at very high resolutions, anything above 1600 you should aim for a 9800 or 8800GT.

Their serials are similar to Geforce, except you have to look at the First digit second and the third digit.

AMD For amd you need to look at the First, Second, and Third digits to tell their power and use.

Starting with series 3.
HD 3000-3200<-- Very Low end, integrated. will not run Warhammer

HD 3450-3550- Low End, Will run warhammer but with lots of effects turned down or off.

HD 3650-3560- Mid ranged, for Gaming, Will run warhammer but with some features turned down. The HD 3670 has GDDR3 and will operate much faster than the 3650.

HD 3850-3870. These are the highend, they both carry GDDR3/GDDR4 memory and will run the game the way the developers meant. However this series is outdated. but they are still good

HD 4450-4550 These cards are for media, and what not, they will run some games, but not all. Will run warhammer with some features turned down.

HD 4650-4670 - Very good card, its Mid/Highranged sort of. will run lots of games with the features turned up at decent Resolutions. Recommend getting the 4670 for GDDR3. Will run warhammer with all the features turned up at a decent resolution. Dont recommend using this on anything above a 22" monitor

HD 4860-4870-4890- Very highend, will run any game you need right now. -recommended