New MultiClient for patch 5116.
Update for socking talismans.

This multiclient includes all the usual crap.
1) Multiclient (obviously)
2) No pop-ups
3) No anti virus crap at startup
4) Open conquer.exe directly
5) PM commands

"PM" Commands ( Could also be called developer commands, no real effect on the game play ) are following :

* /break: Disconnects client
* /color in FF FF FF FF format
* /look %d: Change user model (1, 2, 3, 4)
* /mount %d: Unknown
* /rolescale %d: Change spawn size
* /ver: Print version information
* /scale %u: Change map zoom
* /data %s: Unknown
* /addeffect %s: Add effect (Names in ini/3DEffect.ini)
* /addaction %d %d: Add action (Action Id, Direction)
* /addmsg %s: Add system message
* /mapcolor %x: Unknown

Download Here!