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Thread: Just bought the game, but need some help.

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    Default Just bought the game, but need some help.

    Just bought the game when I came back home early from work.
    But got a question already.

    Well see, I was going to register a account since I got a key and all, but then I saw a trail of 10 days on their homepage. So can I play the trail first and then activate my key? and also if I can, can I still use the same char I created?

    Since 10 days extra for nothing sounds good to me.

    *Never mind people, just got a nice reply from them, it seems that I got the key activated and the days , well hope to see some of you in-game.
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    yes and yes

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    damn i culd've used a free extra month with refer-a-friend. Anyhow welcome to warhammer, hope u enjoy your time here.

    If you're hittin up the super-duper-zergified server dark crag, feel free to add me as Borgamin or Borgo. I alternate between the two characters whenever i feel like it, and i can help you out if u need anything. see u in game.

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