Spring has sprung, so letís have some fun, like they do in the land of the rising sun! The Sakura Matsuri, or Cherry Blossom Festival, is a highly anticipated time in Japan to get together and view the beautiful scenery of the Cherry Blossom Trees. If you canít make it to Japan, donít fret! The Cherry Blossom Trees are now available to view in Atlantica!

From April 21 to May 19, town owners will have the opportunity to build a Cherry Tree. Visitors of towns that have a Cherry Tree will enjoy some very pleasant scenery along with the chance to grab a [Cherry Tree Fruit] once a day at the cost of 100% will and 200,000 gold (half the gold will go directly to the guild fund). Eating the [Cherry Tree Fruit] will grant the player an additional 10% increase of experience for two hours. The Cherry Tree can only be guild-crafted and requires building craft to be at level 5 or higher.

Some new items that are required to build the Cherry Tree, such as the [Cherry Tree Leaf], [Cherry Tree Stem] and [Cherry Tree Root] can be purchased on the market. All new items relating to the Cherry Blossom Festival event will be removed after the event is over.

i hope this is not just an event ^^