Non Player Characters, or NPCs, as opposed to Player Characters, are characters in the game that help story lines move along, give quests, provide EXP, provide loot or provide useful in game services such as trading or item crafting to player characters. Here is a list detailing the types NPCs there are.

Pets are NPCs that you have a certain amount of control over. There are currently 2 types of pets in Last Chaos, the ever loyal Horse and the majestic Dragon, and both of them can be trained to be mounts. Having a mount lends a certain prestige to your character and also helps in combat.

To get a pet
Players must first get a Pan's Flute (for Horse) or a Drake's Egg (for Dragon). These items are dropped as normal monster drops. You wil then get a quest notice.

- Get a Pan's Flute or a Drake's Egg. A quest notice will pop up on the right of your screen.
- Go to Lorraine in Randol to get the Pet Quest.
- Go to Jajan in Dratan to complete the Pet Quest.
- Player will then get a pet icon. Equipping the icon will activate the pet.

To bring the pet along
Players will only need to equip the pet in the 4th accessory slot in the inventory screen. The Pet will appear automatically and will follow the owner wherever the owner goes. To prevent the pet from following, simply do not equip the pet.

To level up the pet
Pets have their own levels and will gain experience when they are involved in combat. Pets have different abilities and skills at different levels. Owners will need to get to the Animal Trainer in Randol to train the pet to learn new skill and also to become a Mount. A pet which has become a Mount can be ridden by the owner.

To revive a pet
Pets can receive normal combat damage and can die. When a pet dies, it will take an amount of time, depending on the level of the pet, for the pet to revive itself. However, they can be instantly revived at the Animal Trainer in Randol for an amount of gold, depending on the level of the Pet.

To change to another pet
Once a pet is acquired, the pet will stay with the owner permanently until you decide to get rid of it. There is no way to change pets unless the pet is sacrificed for crafting materials. Player will then need to do the Pet Quest again to acquire a new pet.

To sacrifice a pet (this function is currently disabled)
Pets can be sacrificed to get crafting materials. Once a pet is sacrificed, it can not be revived and is lost to the owner forever.

Skill Trainers
Skills Trainers are NPCs that offer characters the chance to learn or upgrade skills. Class Skill Trainers will only teach or upgrade a skill of a particular character class; Job Skill Trainers will teach and upgrade skills to anyone.

Traders are the NPCs characters meet if you want to sell and buy items. These are different from Merchants as Merchants are actually Player Characters who have set up shop in towns to trade their items.

Monsters are the main source of Loot, SP and EXP in Last Chaos. They are many types of monsters in Iris, some are weak and suitable for low level characters, and some are very tough enough to be regarded as Monster Bosses, which can only be taken down by a party of very high leveled characters.

The tougher the monster; the better the drop. Bear in mind that SP gained from monsters are dependant on the level difference between the character that killed it and the monster’s level. Killing a white named monster will usually earn you the optimal amount of SP, killing red named ones would usually get you very little SP.

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